Why should you change your wardrobe?

Probably at the moment you have an existing shelf and rail set at about 1700mm high. Look at all the wasted space above the shelf and below the shorter clothes.
What have you seen people do with these spaces?

Above the shelf you will see suitcases, plastic boxes and even clothes piled so high, that they fall down each time a jumper is pulled from the bottom of the pile. Below the clothes you will see shabby little sets of mismatched drawers, an assortment of different shoe storage and even just piles of shoes and boxes shoved in any available space.

So how can South West Wardrobes help this situation.

First off: We won't make hanging spaces any longer than 900mm this avoids the bowing shelf syndrome. We also use oval shaped hanging rods (not round) so there is more strength in the rod itself.

Second: We set the top shelf at a height that will accommodate double hanging. This reduces the wasted space above and below. Long hanging is set with an extra shelf above.

Third: We supply adjustable shelving so that you can vary the height of the piles of clothes you place on each shelf. For example you may need a higher space for your jumpers than you do for your teeshirts or jeans.

Fourth: We put the shoes on adjustable shelves so that you can vary the height to accommodate sandals or boots.

Fifth: We put in soft closing drawers. These are made up completely of 16mm HMR double sided melamine covered particle board with 2mm ABS edging. No metal sides to twist out of shape and no 3mm bottoms to warp and fall out.

All our product is 16mm HMR double sided melamine covered particle board with 2mm ABS edging, so strength and durability are key features. Edges won't chip or fall off when given a bump with a suitcase or vacuum cleaner.

So the benefits are total use of the space, tougher product, drawers inside the wardrobe instead of in the bedroom and 5 years warranty.

Bedroom Storage.

Tired of the wasted space in your wardrobe?

The space above and below the shelf and rail equates to about one half of your wardrobe space. Usually unused or under utilized. People try using plastic boxes under beds, under hanging clothes and on the shelf to create more storage. Only to find that they have overweighted the shelf and caused bowing or their storage becomes so high that it falls down every time they try to remove an item from above.

By shifting the top shelf up to 2100mm South West Wardrobes can turn a 3.2 metre shelf and rail into 3.5metres of hanging rails, 11 metres of shelving and include four soft closing drawers. More than enough storage for the average couple.

No hanging area is wider than 900mm and all use oval shaped rods so there will no longer be a bowing problem.

All drawers are 5 sided boxes screwed together. So four sides and the base are all 16mm board, no more twisted metal sides or bowing 3mm bases slipping out of precut grooves.

All drawer runners are soft closing as standard.
All product used is from Australian suppliers.

Product used is 16mm double sided High Moisture resistant particle board with 2mm ABS edging for tougher wear.

South West Wardrobes offer a 5 year warranty covering materials and installation.
  • We care!
  • Free measure & quote
  • 2mm tough ABS edging
  • Soft Closing Door hinges
  • Soft Closing Drawer runners
  • 16mm HMR (high moisture resistant) melamine